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South Point News


Union Pacific's “Living Legend” No. 844 steam locomotive will travel more than 1,200 miles one-way to celebrate the Oct. 22 opening of Big River Crossing in Memphis, Tennessee. The trek is the first multi-state venture since the locomotive's three-year restoration.

No. 844 traversed Union Pacific's main line through Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Tennessee beginning Oct. 13. Brief stops were scheduled throughout the 19-day round trip journey.

The “Living Legend” made a 15-minute stop at the Washington train depot on Front Street on Tuesday morning, Oct. 18.

A large crowd of spectators was on hand to see the steam locomotive.

Photos of the “Living Legend” No. 844 in Washington are below.

Click here for a video.

Click here for another video.

Click on the attached links below for videos, the schedule and more information on the Union Pacific's “Living Legend” No. 844 steam locomotive.

Living Legend Locomotive 1.jpg

Living Legend Locomotive 7.jpg
Living Legend Locomotive 2.jpg
Living Legend Locomotive 3.jpg
Living Legend Locomotive 4.jpg
Living Legend Locomotive 5.jpg
Living Legend Locomotive 6.jpg


With Veterans Day on Friday, Nov. 11  buildings in the School District of Washington have scheduled Veterans Day programs with dates ranging from Nov. 7-11.

The scheduled Veterans Day programs are as follows:

School District of Washington 2016 Veterans Day Programs

Nov. 7: Campbellton Elementary; Breakfast at 7:30 a.m. The program begins at 8 a.m.

Nov. 10: Clearview Elementary; Breakfast at 7:30 a.m. The program begins at 8 a.m.

Nov. 10: Washington West Elementary; The program begins at 6:30 p.m.

Nov. 11: Washington High School; Breakfast in the Band Room at 7:30 a.m. The program begins in the Blue Jay Gymnasium at 8:30 a.m.

Nov. 11: Washington Middle School; Breakfast at Homestead at Hickory View from 7:30-8:30 a.m. The program begins in the WMS Gymnasium at 9 a.m.

Nov. 11: Marthasville Elementary; Breakfast at 7:15 a.m. The program begins at 7:45 a.m.

Nov. 11: Labadie Elementary; Refreshments at 8 a.m. The program begins at 8:30 a.m.

Nov. 11: Augusta Elementary; The program begins at 9:30 a.m.

Nov. 11: South Point Elementary; The program begins at 10 a.m.

Veterans Day.jpg


Phyllis Steckel, an earthquake specialist who has done work of the State of Missouri and for the National Geological Survey, paid a visit to South Point Elementary School on Thursday, Oct. 13, to speak to fifth-grade students.

Fifth-grade students at South Point Elementary are in the process of reading, "Earthquake Terror.”

Steckel spoke to the students and showed a slide show about both earthquakes and Geology, which is the study of solid Earth, the rocks of which it is composed, and the processes by which they change.

Steckel also showed the students what to do and the proper steps to take if they’re ever involved in an earthquake.  

Some scientists predict that there is about a 10 percent chance of a magnitude 7-8 earthquake in the New Madrid Seismic Zone, which includes parts of southeast Missouri, in a 50-year time interval.

The most valuable lesson is that knowledge and preparation are key. Positive activities and awareness will help prepare for an actual earthquake risk associated with the New Madrid Seismic Zone.

The Missouri Geological Survey has worked with the U.S. Geological Survey for several decades to increase the knowledge base about earthquakes in the central United States.

Photos from Steckel’s visit to South Point Elementary are below.

South Point Earthquake Speaker 2.jpg

South Point Earthquake Speaker 4.jpg
South Point Earthquake Speaker 3.jpg
South Point Earthquake Speaker 1.jpg


The School District of Washington’s third grade challenge students, along with their facilitators, Michelle Bobo and Jana Monzyk, have been involved in the Project Lead The Way curriculum.  

In studying the variation of traits that offspring may express, the students have learned many new vocabulary words.They have worked in groups to plant seeds and then observe the different characteristics of those plants. The dominant and recessive genes that are inherited are predicted by the student by implementing the use of the Punnett Square.

Krista Williams, Washington High School biology teacher, invited the third grade challenge class to the high school’s Project Lead The Way Introduction to Biomedical Science fifth hour class.  

The high school students were assigned an activity involving DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) extraction from a plant (strawberries).  

They were partnered with each of the third grade students to lead them in a guided experiment through the process of extracting DNA.  

The high school students were expected to explain the process and answer questions from the third graders. The third graders learned new science terms, were able to have a hands-on science experience and work with the very patient high school students.  

This activity/project/problem-based learning approach allowed the PLTW third grade challenge students and PLTW Introduction to Biomedical Science high school students to work collaboratively.  

In this activity, it was observed that all students were able to apply what they know, employ critical thinking and lead their own learning.

Photos of the students working together are below.

Elementary Challenge WHS 3.jpg
Elementary Challenge WHS 2.jpg
Elementary Challenge WHS 4.jpg
Elementary Challenge WHS 10.jpg
Elementary Challenge WHS 1.jpg
Elementary Challenge WHS 5.jpg
Elementary Challenge WHS 6.jpg
Elementary Challenge WHS 7.jpg
Elementary Challenge WHS 8.jpg
Elementary Challenge WHS 9.jpg


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Today: 10/22/16

Modified Day for Students Oct. 20, No School Oct. 21

A reminder there will be a modified day for students on Thursday, Oct. 20, for parent-teacher conferences in the afternoon and evening. There will be no school on Friday, Oct. 21.


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